BURSAN, is a subsidiary  of  Nevzat Fikret Koru Holding which  activates in textile ,tourism , industry metal sector.

BURSAN was founded in 1976, in 50.000 m2 area in Manisa Industrial Zone, started to produce seamless steel high pressure industrial medical  gas cylinders , valves of these  cylinders, cryogenic liquid gas pumps.

Amongs its special designed productions BURSAN also serves to the Turkish Armed Forces as a Defence Industrialists making the project, design production of various equipment land support units.

Besides dealing with other industrial activities, BURSAN is also continuing its activities in fire protection field by establishing a newganization as, Fire Security Department This department is dealing with the design, project engineering of systems in accordance with NFPA Rules VdS Standards, providing LPCB-VdS approved equipments , undertaking turn-key plant projects,giving pre & after sales technical support service , determining risk analyzes at plant giving fire  counseling services, with its specialized staff.

By finding solutions on sensing indicating systems, BURSAN is establishing, CO2 Halon alternative CLEAN AGENT ( FM-200-NOVEC1230-CO₂–NITROGEN ) Gas Extinguishing Systems , Water Mist Kitchen Hoods Extinguishing Systems, Fire Hydrant Systems , supplying domestic imported fire hose cabinets, fire pupms, fire stopping delaying equipments , personal protection equipments, fire protection fire fighting productsthe companies which are represented by BURSAN

As being the biggest manufacturer in Turkiye, BURSAN is producing fire extinguishers operating with Dry Powder, CO2 , Foam Concentrate, Halon Gases with the  brand names as ; BURSAN trade name      

BURSAN, who has always achieved to be the first with its production subjects, has given the BURSAN Quality Assurance to its products in his modern laboratories , approved by the Turkish Standart Instıtude took his quality under assurance with a quality certification by EN ISO 9001, in 1996 , without giving any appeasement of his quality since the very beginning of.

BURSAN , with its whole production being certificated documented by TSE,TURKISH LLOYD ,BUREAU VERITAS,TUV  is renewing its vision day by day because of his quality policy aiming to reach non-conditional customer pleasure with superior service utility understanding ; increasing its products market share reaching to success without giving any compensation of its quality, using the production methods which do not give any harm to the human environment.

Continuing its facilities with its production line, project departmant proffessionel  customer representatives in administrative departments, BURSAN is feeling the proud of being main trustable supplier for most of the Public Associations & Establishements , Turkish Armed Forces.BURSAN has a wide referance list including domestic establishment associations, foreign companies.


                                                                                            *** OUR VISION ***


To maintain our leadership in Turkish market to perpetuate our brand as a qualify producer in global market.


                                                                                            *** OUR MISSION ***


To be a competitive manufacturer by delivery on time qualified production with consumeriented system.

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