The Nitrogen Service Unit is a pump vehicle that is placed on a three-wheeled trailer with a 200-3500 PSI pressure, as long as it needs the system, with natural flow on it, on condition that it is towed transported by a towing vehicle. It is a unit that pressurizes with.
An important feature of the Nitrogen Service Unit is that its pump can drivepressurized tubes on the unit without the need for any external drive energy. The pump can be driven both by the tubes on the unit by an external low pressure air.
The main purpose of the Nitrogen Service Unit is to pressurize the necessary nitrogen gas to the aircraft wheels systems.


Turkish Naval Forces Command / TUZLA; In the Underwater Rescue Project;
Submarine Rescue Mother Ship “TCG ALEMDAR (A-601)”, (will be able to rescue personnelsubmarine to a depth of 600 meters)
Rescue Backup Ship “TCG IŞIN (A-583)” “TCG AKIN (A-585)”, (will be able to perform search rescue activities up to a depth of 3,000 meters)
For use on the ships mentioned above;
10feet (3pcs) 20feet (3pcs) into the produced container; 5x2 (64pcs) tube bundles were placed. In addition, 3 spare tube bundles with 5x1 (3pcs) installations were produced. 4x1 (3pcs), 2x1 (3pcs) Transport crates have been produced. The applied tube bundle standard is EN 10961, ADR / RID 2011, TPED 2010/35 / EC. A total of 735 tubes in the tube bundles are produced according to EN 9809-1, ADR / RID 2011, TPED 2010/35 / EC standard.
Gas types of tube bundles; UN1072 Oxygen, UN1046 Helium, Decompression Mix 50% He-50% O2, Dip Mix 90% He-10% O2.
Being the most authorized certification body in the shipyard; Manufacturing experiments were carried out under the supervision of TürkLoydu.
Turkey has underwater rescue capability for the first time in the 600 meters, which are designed specifically for the needs of the user community be able to perform all the desired functions, manufacturing the world's best-equipped modern Atmospheric Diving System supply Project in TUBES oxygen mixture tube container manufacturing assembly project delivered in 2015 It was.


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